BlitzWolf® BW-OLT6 4-Heads Solar Sensor Wall Light 

Why do I keep buying solar lights? after many years in denial, I’ve finally admitted to myself that while cheap solar lights work just fine in dry, sunny Spain, back here in rural Northeast England they are a complete waste of time. (a) there isn’t enough sunshine and (b) there is too much rain.

UK readers note you cannot currently use the CZ warehoue apparently. But just take a look – none of your cheap, half-hearted single LEDs here. Unlike “ambient” solar lights, this looks like it is meant to seriously light up the place.

BW-OLT6 214-LED Solar Light from Banggood

This unit has 214 bright, cold-white LEDs spread over FOUR panels – and a monster solar panel. Not only that but ALL the panels can be moved independently which means I can put the solar panel where it will get what little sun we receive up here (especially in winter with the low angle of the sun), while angling the lights down to cover 4 separate areas.

And with that, I’m quite excited with this latest solar light – especially as it is on special right now.. BlitzWolf® BW-OLT6 4 Heads Solar Sensor Wall Light with 4-Side Light Output, Rotatable 4 Heads, Sensitive PIR Sensor, 3 Working Modes and IP65 Waterproof
Normal Price: $49.99 (£36.86)
Flash Deals Price: $26.88 f£19.81) or CN warehouse; $21.88 (£16.13) for CZ warehouse.
Warehouse: CN, CZ EXP: 2.28

The unit comes with 3 mounting holes in a detachable bracket (complete with a spare screw and spare fixing). Of course, it’s all down to how well or otherwise this Lithium-battery-powered, solar-charged unit handles the rain which will inevitably come (in a couple of days) but I THINK the horrendous storms we’ve been having this winter might be over for now) – and you can’t exactly put a cover over the light – but I’m hopeful.

The (hopefully) waterproof switch allows for dim or dim+bright-up (movement sensor) operation and having just mounted it on a corner fence where it will actually get some light – while taking full advantage of the adjustable LED panels, I’m looking foward to adding an evening photo to this blog entry, tonight (yes, it’s sunny today). The claim incidentally is “IP65 waterproof”. Time will tell. In Spain, it is the severe, blasting sunshine that gets to outdoor lights – in the UK it’s the regular damp weather that does it.

BW-OLT6 Solar Light

Modes are (acording to the manual) 1 – on at night, 2 – bright on movement, dim otherwise, 3 – ONLY on after movement. My choice is 2. All options turn off the lights in daylight.

BW-OLT6 Solar Light

Let’s hope the BW-OLT6 lasts, I won’t be here to maintain it – I’m off to sunny Spain this week. At the risk of repeating myself, I’ve yet to get a duff product with the Blitzwolf brand name on it.

Update Feb 24: Despite not a lot of sunshine (we had one good day this week – I’ve positioned the lamp so it gets even the low-angle sunlight here in Northeast UK) the device is working well.

As I’m out of action for a couple of days – I did hastily promise Banggood I’d put in a link to their “Electronic module clearance sale” – my spelling – I think comeone confused module with mold in the article – but read on if interested..


2 thoughts on “BlitzWolf® BW-OLT6 4-Heads Solar Sensor Wall Light 

    1. You are right of course, Andy, UK users must currently get the item from China to get the free postage – and that’s $26.88 or £19.75. I’d forgotten I set my delivery address back to Spain. Another “benefit” of Brexit, possibly. Still even at the slightly higher price (£19.75) from China, it’s still looking good and they are quoting estimated delivery March 4th to 9th.

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