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BigTimer and Amazon Polly Notifications

Sometimes it can be helpful to think outside of the box and I just did. We were discussing getting Amazon Echo to give out arbitrary notifications from a Raspberry Pi + Node-Red installation and after messing about with this for a while I remembered I have an Amazon AWS account in which I use POLY speech synth (see relevant blog entry).

Bigtimer controlling speech on the Pi

I originally put in place a Node-Red sub-flow to play the RED ALERT message and similar from Star Trek as well as arbitrary speech (high quality English female voice is my preference hence the use of Amazon Polly) from the Pi. Essentially I’m using the command line tool MPG123 (via Node-Red) to play MP3 files and Amazon Polly to create new voice files as and when needed. 


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Alexa NotifyMe Skill + Node Red

Here’s another winner for Raspberry Pi (though not specifically) and thanks to my good friend Aidan Ruff for taking time out of his busy schedule and bringing this to my attention.

tmpCDAs regular readers know, I try to use Node-Red for just about every aspect of my home control here in Spain and back in the UK – and Amazon Alexa is no exception. I use node-red-contrib-amazon-echo now instead of HA-Bridge and other ways to control devices with Amazon Alexa…. and now, thanks to the skill Notify Me from Thomptronics,  and node-red-contrib-notifyme I can send myself regular pill reminders (10pm every night) for example.  Thanks to the people who put these items together, well done.

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