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RPI4 Network Lesson

I learned something new last week-ending Aug 10, 2019)…. and now MORE…

I’ve set up countless Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 SBCs over time, usually headless and using the file /etc/dhcpcd.conf to set up a static IP address, It works every time. Or WORKED every time. Read on for some hopefully useful info…

Raspberry Pi 4 upgraded from a working Stretch to BusterWhen I got my new RPI4, I upgraded all my older systems to BUSTER, not one of the easiest things to do and indeed not recommended on the RPI-forums. (Use a clean installation, they say. GREAT unless you happen to have years’ worth of complex, only partly documented code on your RPI2 or 3.

Well, I did upgrade, the change is all documented on the blog – and of course when it came to setting a static IP address I never thought twice about it. I used my Buster-upgraded installation several times on the RPI4 without issue.

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RPi Buster and RPI-Clone

BusterNo doubt there are many of you out there with Raspberry Pi Single Board Computers who have for some time, like me been using “rpi-clone” to successfully clone/backup their PI to known good SDs like Sandisk or Samsung SDs… maybe initially with Raspbian Stretch or even earlier versions… and who have now moved to the “Buster” upgrade as recommended by RPI. Well – there is a potential problem using RPI-Clone if you took the upgrade (as against fresh start) approach as many of us needed to do in order to preserve months or years of work. Read on over the break…

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