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Ideas anyone? Installed Domoticz just to see how well it might work… needs an add-on for MQTT here  - grabbed that, put the files in nodejs\node_modules\domo and ran node server.js as per the recommendation.. and.. it threw an error “Cannot find module “mqtt”

Update September 2015: MQTT is now part of the Raspberry Pi image for Domitz - just note that you need to add MQTT as hardware by going to setup/hardware. Tested with MQTT spy.  You can grab a complete Raspberry Pi image – or do what I did which was to add it to the existing image. The instructions are here.

6 lines of setup including clean-up can’t be bad!

However when we tried to install Domoticz from the instructions on an existing system, everything worked but I put in the wrong port for MQTT. I then went to bed and the next morning the installation had crashed – hardly a good start for getting my confidence up.

To cut a long story short, a complete re-install seemed the best idea and this time everything worked. 

Things I control – lights – lots of them – and RGB lights –lots of those too.  Once you have everything setup you can simply add new lights and when you turn them on or off, an MQTT message is generated…. with a light ID and it’s status. And so it is with RGB… but for one issue  -there is no RGB status  - which begs the question – how on earth do you use Domoticz to control an RGB virtual light – via Node-Red. It would APPEAR that you cannot. I’ve looked at their forums – people are asking the same question and coming to the same conclusion.

And with that I’ll put this to one side until someone tells me I’ve missed the point – but I can assure you that the MQTT package coming out of Domoticz when you change the colour of a virtual RGB light – does NOT include the colour!