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21st Century Mosquito Killer

In today’s post, a simple insect killer from Gearbest. When I say simple, it has a couple of things my old fly killer didn’t – indeed it LOOKS a lot better than the last one.

When I say “fly” I mean of course flying insects and here in Southern Spain, some of the most troublesome are much smaller than your typical fly. This “Mosquito Killer” from Gearbest looks GOOD and uses UV LED lights as against older fluorescent tubes. It has a light sensor so as not to utterly waste time running during the day when the insects have better things to look at – and has a fan to ensure that once the gnats are daft enough to look in, they can’t get out.

This definitely appears to put my previous Chinese insect killer to shame visually. The ad says “Free shipping to the UK”. You’d need to check for other countries, mine was shipped to Spain.

Smart Home Mosquito Killer

Smart Home Mosquito Killer Link

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