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Sonoff BasicR3 10A

Sonoff BASIC R3I’m currently blogging about the more expensive 16A Shelly One power controller and already this  summer I’ve written about the Gosund units, but regular readers will be aware that I’m a long-term fan of Sonoff and their various low cost controllers. My most recent acquisition is a pair of Sonoff BasicR3 Power Controllers and I now have a pair of Sonoff Minis on the way.

Gosund have recently confirmed that their current units will NOT support MQTT – and that they’d have to do some redesigning (I don’t understand why an OTA upgrade could not do that, personally)… No matter what, the Sonoff entry-level WIFI power control units are just cheaper than every one elses – it’s that simple. If only they’d all take MQTT as seriously a people like Arendst (Tasmota) and myself who have made replacement firmware for such boards. There are other good examples out there. However, the R3 is an improvement over previous similar controllers.

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