Chip First Looks


Right now I’m finishing up my installation on the little CHIP board – only to find that WEBMIN would not work – and why is that? Well,  the entire WEBMIN site down and also this morning – SOURCEFORGE website was down!!! it’s back up now and webmin is now nicely installed on CHIP along with PHP, SQLITE, PHPLiteAdmin, Node-Red, Mosquitto and PHPSYSINFO which tells me that I have used up over half of my RAM but only a small part of the 4GB of internal storage.   I could become a fan of CHIP –though it is a tad SLOW – on the other hand it’s a tad inexpensive.


6 thoughts on “Chip First Looks

      1. I’ve not done that yet Vladimir as I’ve had other issues today… but it is low, I can tell from the lack of heat – BUT – I have to say when kitting this out with node-red etc, it is NOTICEABLY slower than the likes of the Raspberry Pi 2 or the FriendlyArm M1. I suspect it’s best use is going to be as a simple controller rather than anything more ambitious. The graphical worktop is also notably slower than the others and the file manager display is awful. I think a lot of this could be FIXED mind you.

      2. A USB voltage/current meter in-line dongle reports about 0.23 A when idle. Note during boot, the current spikes up much higher. I saw 0.70 A so a 1 A adapter is recommended. This is for the CHIP computer with nothing plugged in except to the microUSB port.

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