EM125 Handheld Scope

tmp696AIt was just like Christmas this morning. After a few days of no posty, a couple of packages turned up for me. Inside one of them, the EM125 Handheld Digital Oscilloscope. This large-pocket-size scope runs for up to 10 hours on an internal rechargeable batteries, has 25Mhz bandwidth and also acts as a voltmeter, diode and capacitor tester and resistance checker.

If you’re looking for a high end scope, this is not the one for you – it has a 160*64 pixel display which is bright and clear but not exactly precision instrument material. However for a hobbyist who wants a general tool sitting on the bench for checking out low-end micros or analog circuits and is on a budget – well, this could well be useful.

It already has a corner of my office bench and if you saw the clutter in there you’d realise that bench real estate in my office is expensive. I won’t go into great detail here as it is all in the short video – but suffice it to say I’ll be giving it a good hammering over the coming weeks and will comment further if I find it to be extremely useful or otherwise. The scope if stocked by Banggood, link above and they do lots of other test equipment too.  The package comes complete with scope probe and red/black meter leads. You charge it with your own mini-USB lead. Instructions are in Chinese  – however the English language version is available to download here



6 thoughts on “EM125 Handheld Scope

  1. Thanks for the review Pete. I do like the display of the EM125 and as a hobbyist is looks perfect for the kind of work I plan to do. I do look forward to reading about what you have to say once you’ve used it for a while, but from the looks of it, it does come across as quite sturdy and well built and certainly something that can come in handy.

    1. As soon as my reference and sig generator turn up (probably this week) I’ll update the blog. The unit is currently sitting on my bench as a general purpose meter/scope.

    1. Hi there Garry – well I reviewed that model a while back – check here – https://tech.scargill.net/bitscope-micro/

      and if I am not mistaken, I’ll be receiving the Bitscope Mini this coming Monday which means sometime next week I’ll do a review – so you may (or may not) wish to wait until you see the results of that before making any decisions!

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