So  – would you like to play with Node-Red for free without even running it on your own PC? Check out FRED for Node-Red on Google . You just don’t get any easier than this!

Also this morning I stumbled across KODING – an online environment for HTML, PHP, PYTHON etc.  I don’t have any great expertise at this yet but I did notice that you get a full VM for free or so it would seem, with full root access. If you want to mess around with Linux commands without messing up your PI – could this be a good start? Certainly on my Windows 8 PC it all looked good. Not tried it on the Android tablet yet.



4 thoughts on “Freebies

  1. Hi,
    Do you have trouble with “setTimeout” ?
    I tried with many many different exemple and not one works, i don’t know if it’s a node-red problem or not.
    A simple exemple of my function:

    function maFunction(){
    setTimeout(function(){msg.payload = “Hi”}, 4000);
    return msg;

    normaly it should write “Hi” after 4sec, right ?

  2. Hi, Thank you for FRED!

    I have a question about the function node:
    I want to save the power of the Esp8266, for that i build this system:
    The esp8266 wake up after 1minute, send data for temp and humidity via MQTT to Node-red, after he send “ask”.
    “Ask” it’s for know if the ESP8266 need to do something; if there is nothing, the “node-red” will reply to sleep during 1min. But if i want to take the control of the ESP8266, i need say it to node red before the Esp8266 will wake up. So i created this function node:

    function Lwake() { //This function is activated by the message “infinit”
    msg.payload = “function started”;
    if (msg.payload === “ask”){ // The Esp8266 will send “ask” when it will wake up
    msg.payload = “Long wake works”;
    if (msg.payload === “infinit” ){ //I send “infinit” to node-red via MQTT, it’s for stop
    // the automatic sleep/wake up
    return msg;

    The problem is, the function start when i send “infinit”, but it doesn’t works when the esp8266 send “ask”, I think it’s because “infinit” and “ask” should be send exacly in the same moment :/. I want to find something like “prompt” where the function wait to recieve a reply, but i can’t find, maybe you have an idea ?

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