Goodies from Inateck

In today’s postbag came three items from Inateck, namely a lovely small, well packaged Bluetooth plus aux input, a USB powered Bluetooth loudspeaker, completed with leads. The unit also supports a microSD card.

Also in the post from the same company, a tiny Bluetooth receiver/transmitter and a quality dual-phone mains charger (not to be confused with a simple USB hub which cannot provide any additional voltage for high speed charging).

Products from Inateck




SpeakerFirstly, the speaker… very nice and small enough to fit in a coat pocket yet with a solid feel. It is metal, not plastic and looks very neat.

The Inateck BP1109 Bluetooth speaker arrived with a flat battery so the first thing it needed was a good charge.

As the second item in the post was a mains powered (100-240v) dual charger model UCC3002, I put them together. Hopefully it won’t take long to charge.

ChargerThe charger handily comes complete with plug-ends for the UK, EU and USA and looks impressively solid. As well as having plenty of power (3 amps total) and most likely more importantly, the charger features PD charge though I could find no sign of Quickcharge 3.

Meanwhile I thought I’d check out the little BR1008 Bluetooth transmitter/receiver.This unit has little more than a 3.5mm socket and microUSB connection along with a LED on the top. There is also a tx/rx slide switch and an on/off pushbutton… all very neat.


The Bluetooth TX BR1008 comes complete with USB and 3.5mm to 3.5mm leads as well adaptors to phono.

All three products have adequate manuals in multiple languages (including English) and the initial impression on opening up and switching on the units is a good one.

Some time later – my only gripe so far with the Bluetooth speaker, which sounds very good for it’s size, is the short wireless range, 12ft away from my test PC, max before the sound starts to break up. This is not uncommon with Bluetooth. The BR1008 tx/tx unit has better range, from one room to another, perhaps 20ft before breaking up. Strangely this unit has no volume control, but works perfectly. When watching a YOUTUBE video I did notice a disturbing lack of sync between audio and video which might limit the use of this BR1008 unit.

Throughout all of this, the charger worked without issue, just as well as neither of the other units comes complete with charger.

Great packaging


18 thoughts on “Goodies from Inateck

  1. Hi Pete, I follow their Facebook page and would like one of the Bluetooth speakers free gratis!

  2. I follow them, and its good to find these goodies epically when in Sweden its extremely expensive to get product from china now (ordinary Post office charge 8 euro handling fee per post + import tax + VAT ) regardless if the product cost 0.1 euro/dollar ;(

  3. Regarding your a/v sync issue, I believe that you noticed the audio to be late vs the video.

    Bluetooth audio involve processing and transmission which translate in additional delay. When using bluetooth for a telephone call you generally don’t notice it because delay below 200-300ms doesn’t impact your ability to follow a conversation. Higher delays just like when we were using satellites for intercontinental telephone calls are noticeable and disturbing. You can experiment this also with some IP-phone.

    However when it is about lip-sync, it becomes noticeable as soon as 10ms. And Bluetoothe latency is much over 10ms.
    So why don’t they fix it ?

    There is nothing that can be done in the speaker itself as it receives the audio late.
    The only way to fix it is in the media player.
    Unfortunately it seems that the player doesn’t know that you are using audio bluetooth instead of on-device audio (or wired) and it doesn’t know what the exact latency introduced by your bluetooth speaker/headphone.
    Still some players allow you to adjust the audio/video delay to solve this:
    – Android MX Player has a setting for “Audio bluetooth delay” (in Parameters -> Audio)
    – Android VLC : can be changed when playing the movie (

    A full solution for this would require :
    – The bluetooth audio protocol to report the latency introduced by the speaker/headphone (which may vary).
    – The player should be aware that bluetooth audio is in use and then use automatically the above latency.
    I don’t think this is existing so far

    1. This was on my PC with Youtube. My Bluetooth Logitech headphone never give that delay

  4. a Bluetooth speaker for use in my toy room would be great.

    keep up the good work, your ESP code has been running my lights for a few years now without any problems.

  5. I followed Inateck’s Facebook page and would like one of the Bluetooth speakers free gratis. Looks like a nice BT speaker!

  6. I could use a bluetooth speaker. Count me in. 🙂
    Also, the bluetooth transmitter looks interesting, I’ll have to check that out a little more.

    Kevin Fonda

  7. Loving the blog as usual Pete, I’m even happy to post for a chance for a bluetooth speaker. Thanks for all your work Pete.

    I’ve followed their page on Facebook


    Brynn Harrison

  8. I have an Anker bluetooth speaker that has the same issue with sync. I think it’s a problem with phones in general, especially Android. It’s been steadily getting better over the last few Android releases, but they seem to have some fundamental latency in their Bluetooth audio stack.

    1. It is possible that some designers who are focused on music just don’t think about sync with video issues,

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