IkaLogic SP209i

I mentioned this logic analyser device earlier – it turned up this week for me and deserves a little space to itself. This unit plugs into your PC or laptop like other devices from the same company (www.ikalogic.com) which I’ve looked at in the past, including the pocket IkaScope WS200.

For the new product, in the small box you get the SP209 or SP209i analyser device, depending on which option you pick. You also get 10 probe leads, a microUSB cable and a cable comb.


To make use of this device, you should visit: https://www.ikalogic.com/pages/logic-analyzer-sp-series-sp209

The Windows/Mac/Linux software supports this new product – i.e. ScanaStudio 3.1.0 is in beta right now (Dec 2018) and here is a list of supported protocols for this 9-channel pocket-size device:

  • 1-wire 
  • 1-wire temperature sensors 
  • I2C 
  • I2C temperature & humidity sensors 
  • MB1003 
  • SENT 
  • SWI (Atmel) 
  • CAN 
  • DHTXX 
  • dmx512 
  • Hc-sr04 
  • Hdmi-cec 
  • I2S 
  • JTAG 
  • LCD (4 bit LCD) 
  • LIN 
  • Manchester 
  • Maplebus 
  • MIDI 
  • NMEA0183 
  • NRF24L01 
  • Oregon-Scientific 
  • Parallel bus 
  • SPI 
  • SPI wiznet w5100 
  • SSI 
  • UART

As for the hardware, depending on which device you buy you get:


I’ll give this a hammering in the new year but for now, based on their previous  products, I think this is worth a look. The company is based in Limoges, France. Rather refreshingly, they provide direct phone info – 555-358-028


3 thoughts on “IkaLogic SP209i

  1. I’ve had the cheap Salae rip offs in the past but found them to be slow. Of course it all depends on your needs.

    1. Looks interesting.
      My loved Saleae is too slow for the present digital speeds
      And this is cheaper than the new Saleae Logic Pro 8…..mmmm.
      Thanks Peter to share with us.

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