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Peter Oakes kindly made a video - you'll see it in my last post - on installing Node-Red using my script. Well, I was in the process of watching THAT when (as you do) I got side-tracked and discovered a really wonderful online tool for testing out Node-Red instantly - no installation - not even a sign-in!

Check out my new video here. Don't worry - its a short one 🙂


9 thoughts on “Instant Node-Red

    1. Thanks David - yes FRED is also a great tool - what I liked about pagenodes was the absolute immediacy - both great tools - which means more people experimenting with Node-Red which means more developers getting in on the act which means mode nodes for US !!!!

      1. PAGENODES is good to doodle with, but like David says - with FRED you get lots of extra nodes and an advantage that you can store your own flows, and make the HTML results public !!!, e.g. here's a dynamic map example I've setup that changes every 5 seconds
        Its working on a timer atm - just to demonstrate the dynamics of FRED - but I originally got it set up to respond to GPS co-ordiinates from a GPS sensor talking through a radio device being worn by my dog!! (sent via cloud MQTT).

        1. I definately would give fred a thumbs up mention! those guys at Sense Tecnic did a great job! and the WOTkit visualization tools are a great easy to use too!
          Cheers! Keep up the great content peter!

          1. Both are good - if nothing else you get to see some nodes you might not have seen before. I was just looking at Pagenodes - and there was a node I'd not seen before so I went sailing off to the library - failed to find that but in the process I found the ADMIN node - I'll leave it to readers to go investigate that one.

  1. Hello,
    In the function Node , i don't know witch language it used to write this functions ?
    I want for example compare to Strings: the first is the msg.payload and the second is "a word", how can i do this ?
    help me please!

  2. Is there any way to debug and test the javascript in Node-red modules as you develop them? I really miss being able to set breakpoints and single step code to find issues. IntelliJ IDEA can do debugging but I can't see how to do this with Node-red.

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