Perfect Prime IR202 Thermal Camera

Perfect Prime IR202 IR camera add-on - manual available online

Having just recently written up the Perfect Prime IR281 thermal camera (not cheap) I thought it might be useful to take a look at the less expensive add-on for mobile phones version IR202 from the same company. I’m showing photos of all three variations of this mobile phone add-in camera, but let’s be clear, I am discussing only the Type-C version of this handy thermal camera add-on for mobile phones – as that is the only one I’ve tested.

This unit plugs into the bottom of your phone and after installing the APP “IR202 Thermal Camera” gives you a low-resolution (80*60) IR measuring capability along with the ability to record IR video at up to 15fps – that is, the company have tested this on a number of phones including all new Samsungs…and I’ve just added two other types to their list – my Poco X3 NFC and Redmi Note 8 phones.

Perfect Prime IR202

Measurement range is quoted as -20c to +300c. As their website is (seriously) so good with information, it’s a bit pointless re-inventing the wheel here – instead, if IR cameras interest you, check out my other blog entries such as IR281, IR0005 and the Perfect Prime site itself.

Perfect Prime IR202 running on Poco X3 mobile phone with USB-C

I’ll add to this article as time goes on and I learn more but suffice it to say for now that the IR202 can handle various pseudo-colour palettes, you get to see a normal image, there is emissivity control for different surfaces, over and under-temperature alarm capability and the IR image at the same time and the normal image has temperatures superimposed. Dynamic range is programmable. The USB-C version is obviously reversible.

My unit (on the back) says IR202 Thermal Camera for Android – then GERMAN TECHNOLOGY – designed by Perfect Prime in the UK (the company is primarily USA-based) and made in the PRC. CE, FCC and ROHS for those who care about such things. Oh, and it comes in a neat protective case.

IR202 protective case

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