QUNTIS RX-1919-5 Fast, Smart PD Charging Station

Quntis Charging Station

So what’s the difference between the Quntis RX-1919-5 Smart PD Charging Station (with IntelliSense whatever that is in this context) and dozens of other similar-looking chargers out there? Certainly there are many out there which look the same – but looks can be deceiving. To be sure, visually they blew the chance to light it up like a christmas tree as there is a single, subtle white LED on the front panel along with the USB-C1 65W, USB-C2 30W, USB-A QC3.0 30W outputs and a pair of USB-A 5V@2A outputs. But wait…

Quntis Smart PD Charging Station

In the photo, left, you see at the front the brand new Quntis unit and at the rear, my (at first glance) similar looking Blitzwolf charger.

So pretty normal really – except that having put the charger on its removeable stand and then connected mains power to the charger, I plugged in turn both of the front-panel USB-C outputs into my Xiaomi Poco X4 5G phone and was surprised to see in both cases, for a second, the normal QUICK CHARGE message on the phone be quickly superceded by a MI TURBO CHARGE message – having never used the original Poco charger with the phone I’ve never seen the latter message before and I’ve used loads of different desk chargers and battery packs, all claiming QC3.0 and some with PD outputs.

Poco X4 5G - fast charging screen message

The Blitzwolf charger in the above-left photo gets as far as QUICK CHARGE but no further despite having both QC3.0 and PD USB-C outputs.

I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen the charging screen on my phone ramp up as quickly ever before nor have I seen this MI TURBO CHARGE message.

Quntis must be doing something right that others aren’t. I like it – a lot.

Interesting – maybe I don’t read instructions often enough… the manual states that this unit should be used below 2000m above sea level – as it happens I live at 900m above sea level so no worries there 🙂

I’ll leave you with the features shown on the bottom of the box as well as a photo of the top… and that contains links.

I started to think this was going to be “just another QC3.0 charger” but looking at the outputs and with that result on my phone, it looks like I’m onto a winner. And finally I have JUST come home with a new Samsung S22 Ultra which needs charging and I am currently using both of the USB-C outputs to provide quick-charging to the Samsung and my Poco X4 5G phone simultaneously – no problem.

Quntis RX-1919-5

Quntis Smart PD Charging Station

US link:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08M3Q4YS4 

Spanish link:  https://www.amazon.es/dp/B08ZY1SHG4 


4 thoughts on “QUNTIS RX-1919-5 Fast, Smart PD Charging Station

  1. Does it “supercharge” your Samsung S22?
    I just bought a 100W Baseus charger which “supercharges” my Samsung devices (45W on a tablet!), but doesn’t “turbocharge” my Xiaomi devices.

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