Ravpower PD Pioneer 65W 2-Port Wall Charger

Not sure what happened here – back on May 4, 2020 I wrote about a Ravpower charger and somehow ended up with the info on the RP-PC133 – correct for the white charger you see below… but somehow I missed the stunningly good RP-PC136 which is the BLACK unit in front of me.

Spec for the RP-PC136 is 65W with a pair of USB-C PD outpuTs and a pair of standard USB SMART outputs. PD says 5v@3A, 9v@3A, 12v@3A, 15v@3A, 20v@3.25A, 65W max each port.

SMART says 5v@3A, 9v@2A, 112v@1.5A, 18w max each port. See photo – I LOVE IT.

Original RP-PC133 post

Ravpower RP-PC133

The important bit here is 65W PD – model RP-PC133. The new charger from Ravpower has both USB C and USB3 outputs and is able to deliver up to 3.25A at a range of voltages suitable for high speed charging phones and tablets. The first photo depicts the USA version, mine is the UK version as you will see further down.

This is a solid looking supply. I also have the previous (60w) model.

As you can see in the photo below, the unit outputs up to 3.25A. I’ve been using it to charge my Xiaomi Note 8 Pro phone and it is working very quickly. For more specifications take a look here. More on the official Ravpower site.

Ravpower RP-PC133


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