Seeed WIO Terminal and Battery Pack

WIO Terminal and battery pack
Wio battery pack from Seeed Studio

Some time ago I received a Wio terminal from Seeed and I remember thinking “great, finally a decent colour display system, cased, with decent IO capability – but why didn’t they put a battery in it?”. Well, now they have – or rather they have brought out a plug-in battery pack (650maH Lithium) – not only that but it has a status LED, four Grove analog/digital ports, a Grove I2C port and a Grove UART port built in – all in an ABS enclosure like that of the Terminal itself.

Finally the battery pack (underside of the 3-photo set at the top of this blog entry) has a USB-C input connector for charging though I note it doesn’t seem to do fast-charge, just normal 5v USB charging. You can however use the supply with the WIO terminal while it is charging, so perhaps that’s no big loss.

The Wio Terminal product already has two multi-function Grove connectors and that too uses USB-C for power (not needed when the battery pack is in use). While I’m here, the Wio terminal has a lovely colour display, 5-way control switch, combined power/reset switch, three user-programmable buttons and a micro-SD card slot.

Grove Shield for Pi Pico from Seeed Studio

At this point I’ll send interested users over to the Seeed site for more specs on both products and details of the significant range of Grove boards and their 10-way Grove shield for the Raspberry Pi Pico which also just arrived.

Elsewhere I’ve written about the RPi Pico and the Grove Shield product.

Meanwhile the Seed website is comprehensive and in English so – if any of this appeals to you – read on… and here for the battery pack

Of interest, the whole lot came well packaged – how long and at what postal cost – well, that depends where you live.

My only question now is – what do you DO with a product like this.. unlike the M5Stck products it is not based on ESP32 so you can’t easily put Tasmota on it.

The Seeed Wio Terminal includes a Cortex-M4 microcontroller, motion sensors, an LCD display, and Grove connectors to easily connect external sensors. It is tempting to compare this to the M5Stack Core2 (which CAN be Tasmotised, is more expensive but also contains a battery). Of course you can hook up the Seeed Studio product to the Arduino development environment but it’s all down to finding examples including display use.


5 thoughts on “Seeed WIO Terminal and Battery Pack

  1. Looks interesting. I was thinking about a MQTT listener for the WIO Terminal which shows the messages on screen (MQTT so it it reboots, it gets the latest messages)

  2. Exactly what I’m currently doing with my M5Stack Basic using ESPHome! It already displays sensor readings from around the house and I’m adding an alert function so that Node-RED (or anything else of course) can send a message via MQTT that will turn on the display and show the alert either requiring a button press to clear or showing for a set time.

    The display turns the backlight on every 5minutes for 1 minute.

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