Slight hitch

Apologies to anyone looking in this morning. I tried to get just a little too clever with the blog and it fell over – so anyone looking in while I was asleep (British time) would have seen a dead site – all working. As this blog is new could you please remember when commenting to tick the little box to say you want emails when someone replies to posts.


6 thoughts on “Slight hitch

  1. Peter since the change I am not getting emails notifying me of a new post on your blog. The last one I got was about Solid State Relays.

    OK, I am sure all I need to do is subscribe to the new blog, BUT I cannot see how to!

    1. I’m getting notifications -but they’re going in my spam filter. At this point I have no idea why. I will investigate how you can subscribe to the new blog. The instructions were straight from the blog so I figured they must know what they’re doing.. Well, I did.

    2. All fixed – again thanks Bill – you should find the relevant tick box in the comments – I’ve also added a simple math captcha to stop the spam.

  2. Peter

    One of the downsides of moving to the new blog, is that the links from web pages to your old blog are broken, eg your Willow Design page.

    I am not sure there is a easy fix for this 🙁

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