Slight hitch

Apologies to anyone looking in this morning. I tried to get just a little too clever with the blog and it fell over – so anyone looking in while I was asleep (British time) would have seen a dead site – all working. As this blog is new could you please remember when commenting to tick the little box to say you want emails when someone replies to posts.


6 thoughts on “Slight hitch

  1. Peter since the change I am not getting emails notifying me of a new post on your blog. The last one I got was about Solid State Relays.

    OK, I am sure all I need to do is subscribe to the new blog, BUT I cannot see how to!

    1. I’m getting notifications -but they’re going in my spam filter. At this point I have no idea why. I will investigate how you can subscribe to the new blog. The instructions were straight from the blog so I figured they must know what they’re doing.. Well, I did.

  2. Peter

    One of the downsides of moving to the new blog, is that the links from web pages to your old blog are broken, eg your Willow Design page.

    I am not sure there is a easy fix for this 🙁

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