Smartphone Lavalier USB-C (or IOS) Wireless Microphones

USB-C Wireless Lavalier Microphone set

As you’ll see elsewhere I’ve taken recently to creating short videos on my Smartphone – especially as we travel – initially purchased as one of my new AI phone Gimbals seemed to be intermittently affecting the audio output from my Samsung S22 Ultra phone when recording video (it turned out to be the APP causing the problem, not the gimbal itself) but then as I started to use these mic(s) – everything changed for the better.

I bought this SNZIYAG Wireless Lavalier Microphone from Amazon almost at random and I’m sure AliExpress will have even better pricing – the kit comprises 2 USB-C-rechargeable, lapel-mounting microphones and a small USB-C adaptor for the phone.

USB-C Lavalier Microphone set

These are cheap and best money I’ve spent in ages – if I’m in the car (as the passenger) on a bumpy road trying to take a video of the scenery with a voiceover, the AI gimbal pretty much sorts out image stabilisation – but the background noise – TERRIBLE – but plug in the USB dongle, put a mic on each of our shirts and the difference is OUTSTANDING.

I very much recommend anyone starting out at making mobile phone videos goes down this route. If you have a phone that doesn’t do USB-C may be pleased to note the same Amazon ad above shows IOS versions – but I can’t vouch for the latter.

And here’s the accompanying short video.


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