Summer Migration

As Maureen and I start our summer migration to southern Spain, don’t expect anything new in here until around 17th – but of course – people are commenting constantly on various blog entries so I do hope you’re registered so you won’t miss anything.

I’m quiet excited, when we get to Spain, as well as the usual house-fixing chores, I have a new solar panel to fit (it is currently in the back of the car with a very expensive piece of plywood protecting it from several months-worth of “stuff” we’re talking over there. The plywood is likely to be re-purposed as a charging bench when I get there).

I’m looking forward to further delving into Espruino and the possibilities therein, I’ve more stuff to review and no doubt Antonio and I will continue to bring new developments to “the script” – which for the benefit of new readers is a comprehensive set of tools sitting on top of Debian/Raspbian/Ubuntu for working with IOT – most of which springs up from my original home control project.

I plan to do some more work with 433Mhz peripherals and RFLink and of course, sunbathing. Anyway, all of that to come – thanks for your recent contributions, I and no doubt others have learned a lot in the past few weeks, especially about making our SBC projects a bit more reliable.

For now, I’m about to go off on my travels and as you are no doubt aware, updating WordPress in the car is just – well, a non-starter really so if you’re expecting answers from me – a little patience please. Our trip will take 4 days in total, armed with cats and most of the gadgets I will need in the coming months.


11 thoughts on “Summer Migration

    1. Hi Scott

      603 km (375 miles) from the north to Portsmouth, then 24 hour ferry then 919 km (571 miles) from Santander to Galera (Granada region). All done.

      1. Hi Pete,

        Why do you spend the summer in Spain (were is very hot) and the winter in England (were is cold and rains a lot) ?
        Summer in GB is nice and winter in Spain is perfect.

        1. Hi Ion

          Well, firstly the locations should give you a clue… The Northeast of England – and inland Andalusia – Galera to be precise.

          The summers in (at least) the Northeast of England are always a terrible disappointment – people get excited if the sun stays out for more than a few days. I know, London is different – but we don’t live in London. Here in Andalusia (English spelling) we can plan a BBQ weeks in advance. Even now in April the sun is shining and it is t-shirt weather. As for the true summer, I might have a different view if I was stuck in an office- but I’m not so I don’t. Summers are meant for spending times in pools, lakes and the seaside.

          Winters, no – not inland – the winters inland are FAR from perfect and I have temperature and humidity records for this year which show weather here in Galera not really any better than the Northeast of England.

          And there’s a final point – very specific to our case. We rent our property out when we’re enjoying the summer in Spain – summer in the UK is a great time to rent property – winter is not.

          Right – and with that all sorted – let’s get back to some electronics! I’m not quite there yet because the local Internet provider, Habland is being useless and making excuses for really poor service. That and unpacking first then back to gadgets.

    1. The stop start button uses a ‘Borkin Button’, never heard of these. Where do you get them from?

        1. It seems that the are called ‘Quick klick Press Button Dust Plug’ on Amazon and eBay.

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