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Raspberry Pi WIFI

Today is going well up to now – I purchased a WIFI dongle for around £4 from EBAY, supposedly specifically for Pi (yeah right) market simply “802.11n”.  Plugged it in, rebooted the Pi 2, nothing.  I scoured the web and discovered you can look to see what’s happening with:

dmesg | more

which shows installed items one page at a time (Spacebar) and sure enough in there was the 802.11 device with a driver missing – looked like a Realtek driver. I went off looking for the name and one of the very first Google responses (sorry I didn’t keep the link) showed a rather long SUDO WGET command to go get the very driver (rtl8188eufw.bin)  – did that, reboot – one working WIFI.

So now my little Pi2 has only ONE wire going to it – the power lead from the little solar/usb charger I’m using for battery backup.

I make no suggestion this will help but if you find yourself missing this driver this is what I did in the Pi2 terminal window (then rebooted) – no breaks…

sudo wget https://github.com/lwfinger/rtl8188eu/raw/c83976d1dfb4793893158461430261562b3a5bf0/rtl8188eufw.bin -O /lib/firmware/rtlwifi/rtl8188eufw.bin


I then went off and tied the IP address and MAC together in my router and that’s me one wire down.


More Pi Mysteries

Well, I thought I had the CRON thing cracked.  I made my cron file….. with this inside it..

And sure enough – CRON runs the PHP page which publishes a couple of topics every minute as it should do, to my MOSQUITTO broker sited elsewhere, exactly as it should do and as does the same PHP page has been doing for weeks on another system.

GREAT… except that every minute it also generates an empty file in /home/pi directory


I am happy to admit… I do not have the foggiest idea why the Raspberry Pi 2 would do this – in fact I have no idea how that PHP page and the home/pi directory are even aware of each other. Any ideas guys?


Bringing the Pi into the PC world

So you have your sparkly new Raspberry Pi and the first thing you need to do is remotely access it from the PC… and so you install TIGHTVNC… and put that on the PC and they talk to each other and…. no clipboard…

This link got me out of a jam. Now I can use either TightVNC or UltraVNC on my Windows PC, talk to the Pi and copy and paste.. Indeed thanks to ”Input Director” on the PC, I can copy and paste between a number of PCs and the Pi. Now that’s civilised.

If only I could get Filezilla on the PC to let me change FTP permissions on the Pi that would be even more civilised.