Welcoming in 2018

Here we are in 2018 and I'm sure it will be another great year for IOT.

It could be a while before I'm back in the driving seat but for those who have been firing in questions about my health, just to let you know that I am still in hospital and am getting physiotherapy with more to come.

Armed with only a mobile phone, creating new content could be a challenge for now but I will do my best to answer comments and even add some short replies.

Thanks to everyone for your support and a special thanks to my brloved wife and good friends for making this a lot less depressing than it would have been otherwise.




52 thoughts on “Welcoming in 2018

  1. Hi Pete it’s good here from you.
    I can only eco what has already been said and just take it easy and one step at a time.

    We want you fighting fit for 2018

  2. Hello Pete, as a new kid on the block here but after days and days of reading your web and all the comments of your followers, it's clear that you are much missed and not having you blog is a great loss to this community. However I know that everyone of us would prefer you to make a full and speedy recovery, so please just focus on your recovery and don't feel the need to add more content until you are ready and able. The last thing any of us would want is for you to stress out about not being able to contribute at this time.

    Wishing you a full recovery Pete and looking forward to your ideas on automation in the NHS when you get out!

    Best regards

  3. Hi Pete,

    I'm sure that your are tempted to hack the stuff around you...but just don't!
    Wish you a fast recovery can't wait to read your new posts.
    I'm also thinking of all the new goodies that are now piling up into your lab...

    best wishes

  4. I hope you get well Pete and greetings from snowy Finland! You have been great help to me about learning Node-Red and its dashboard functions.

  5. So pleased you are with us again. Recovery takes time and a lot of effort of which I have no doubt you have plenty off. Just concentrate on regaining your strength and mobility. We all I am sure wish you a speedy return to your family and friends

  6. Really glad to hear from you. Get well soon!!

    Looking forward to read new posts from my favourite blog soon

    What about a review of a pulsoxymeter or whatever arround you? (kidding)

    Take care and best wishes from Spain


  7. It's good to hear from you Pete, as other have said, just concentrate on your recovery and we all look forward to further postings, when your ready and able.
    I think Aliexpress & Banggood also wish you a speedy recovery.

    Take care


  8. Hi Peter, finally, write us!
    Many best wishes from Italy for a speedy recovery, but only committed to healing.
    Then there will be a long time for IoT.


  9. Glad to hear you are on the mend, miss the updates to your brilliant blog. Hope it's not too long before you are back home.

  10. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery, and a massive thank you for all of your hard work, that moved me from pic's and 433 RF Modules. to a amazing, reliable, home automation system. For giving me the inspiration to learn (no expert yet) :-
    Node Red
    SSL cert's
    IP etc, ect
    Plus so much more.
    After long shitty days at work, something to look forward to when you get in, and switch the phone off.
    and for boosting the Chinese economy by making all of us buy everything you seemed to get and hack before us
    Chris xx

  11. Good to hear from you. Keep up the recovery.

    I took the plunge and ordered the Tevo Tarantula Prusa i3. It arrived yesterday and it is quite the piece to set up. I've already broke one of the "L" shaped brackets used in one of the first steps.

    If I can get things setup and operating, I may give you a small write up on my thoughts.

  12. So glad to hear from you. Keep up the hard work and good spirits.
    You've taught me so much, I wish there were something I could do to help you now.
    I think i speak for everyone when I say, please let your readers/viewers know if you need anything at all; it would make us happy to do something for you.

  13. Very good to hear from you again. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery!
    If you take it slow, there will be so much more new electronics stuff to play with when you are back for good 🙂
    Hope you are not too bored yet, though.

  14. Hey Peter, great to hear from you in person.
    It’s worth making the physio your number one goal for now.
    When my wife suffered her stroke she lost the use of her right arm, which was a real blow because she was right handed. However, she quickly began to be able to use her left hand instead and that meant she didn’t have as much incentive to get the right arm working again. Four years on and her right arm has very little movement and her shoulder has seized-up as a result.
    It’s a pain to keep-up the hard work, especially when there’s other medical stuff to focus on and other stuff happening as well, but doing the hard and boring work now will pay dividends if you can persevere.

    All the best for a speedy recovery.


  15. Considering the pace at wich you have been posting new things in 2016/2017, I'm still lagging several months, just to test what you developed.
    So stay calm, get well, do your exercises, (maybe put some buttons here and there to keep count of your progress and publish it to a dashboard... joking! don´t stress yourself)

  16. Ahh! Physiterrorists 😉 You got to love 'em as much as you hate 'em!

    Best wishes from Ireland, hoping that your rebound is quick and painless. Take it easy and keep us posted.

    Happy new year to you (and your support crew) too.


  17. I think this is very interesting stuff! I have not yet explored this, but there are a number of solutions in there Pete has tried to handle which could be integrated into his HC.( https://github.com/martin-ger/esp_wifi_repeater ). There is even more very interesting stuff from the same author(s) in that Github repository!!! And it is written in C! Must sound as nice music to Pete's ears. Pete start reading this and we hope you can come in action when this stuff has landed completely in your mind.

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