Xiaomi Mijia 1S Vacuum Part 2 – the Spares

HEPA Filter

I’m not going to say any more about my superb point-scoring-with-the-wife Xiaomi (prounounced something like JAOOMEE with a soft J) Smart AI vacuum – but of course with any such gadget, no matter how good it is, there is always the question of spares (example – bargains back in the UK at B&M or B&Q are inevitably, permanently out of stock within months – so good luck with spare parts).

SO despite my friend MAT at NotEnoughTech showing me that he’s had his Mijia 1S vacuum for months and is still using all the original components – info I was very grateful for – I was keen to ensure I could get spare parts for when they would evenually be needed (nothing lasts forever). The link for my particular kit is “18pcs Replacements for Xiaomi 1S Roborock” – and cheap – too.

When the spares package arrived today I was delighted to note that it included 2 rollers, 4 HEPA filters, the flimsy-looking but quite effective short brushes which allow the round vacuum to handle the space around (for example) table legs and room corners, a cleaning brush and other bits and pieces – see pictures.

In the little white box at the front centre, you will see a set of tiny fittings – I don’t think ANYTHING is missing from this kit – there are a number of variations available. If you have the 1S vacuum or are planning to get it, I suggest getting the spares kit – please use the link in my blog entry for the vacuum – I get no commission, I’m not an affiliate and I’m not connected to Banggood but it might help with my next review gadget.

The spares link is of course near the top of this blog entry – and no comments about spare underpants or covid masks please (the floor-washer “towels” are not for the 1S but hey – they’re in with the kit) – everything you see above (apart from my desk and the keyboard) comes with the kit 🙂

Those HEPA filters top left under the brush – really ARE easy to remove, clean and replace if you have a little air blower – see my vacuum review. After weeks of using the vacuum every other day, none of the components are looking even slightly worn.


2 thoughts on “Xiaomi Mijia 1S Vacuum Part 2 – the Spares

  1. I think with the best will in the world, new models will continue to come out and spare parts will at some point be an issue so I figured it best to be prepared – we really liked the vacuum and would hate to see it end up as land-fill – the parts appear long-lasting up to now however and they’ve put some thought into easy removal of cat-hairs.

    Yesterday I pulled up a carpet in my office which had NOT been designed with longevity in mind as the backing material had powdered after only a year or so – that was a challenge for the 1S but on turb mode it managed no problem.

    I thoroughly expected the filter to totally clog up but once again a quick blast with my air cleaner and the filter is good as new.

  2. I bought a spare parts kit for my Xiaomi vac & mop – I figured that I’d need the spares one day and I might not be able to find them in the future. Similar pack to yours plus a polystyrene roller in addition to the brush which I guess might make a difference on non-carpet surfaces like our lino in the kitchen, floor tiles in the bathroom and wood laminate downstairs? I’ve not tried it, I’m just using the originally supplied parts for now but it’s interesting that you thought the same as me and ordered spares ahead of needing them.

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