A new Day – A new Board

New dayWhile waiting we’ve done ourselves a new board – it’s not too obvious but under that power supply / dc/dc convertor area – are three MOSFETS for PWM use and we’ve added a connector so you could stick some RGB serial LED strip straight onto a connector.

GPIO16 is on there and on this particular board we have NOT shorted GPIO16 to reset so it can be used for purposes other than for SLEEP mode! The board is designed to take ESP-12s (or ESP12-E ignoring the new leads) but at a pinch could use an ESP-01 if all you wanted was a RELAY output and a sensor.  Before anyone asks – with the DC/DC convertor, the board with no lights attached uses around 100ma with 12v in.  The Tiny85 is there for interest only so some of those parts on the left would normally not be used. In a couple of of weeks we should have boards and get one built up – but 95% of the layout is already tested. More details on the main Home Control 2015 page.


New Board