Bakeey POCO X3 NFC Case

Bakeey case for Poco X3

This lovely, transparent (with armoured black edges) Bakeey case for the Poco X3 phone was always going to be a difficult one to write about. I can show you the case but I need my phone to take a photo so I can’t show it ON the phone 🙂

Bakeey case for Poco X3

If you read my blog about the Poco X3 you’ll know it replaces my Poco F1 and I LOVE it – if I were to gripe, it comes with a free transparent-ish back as standard – which is great because you can see the beautiful POCO logo and (in my case) stunning shimmering blue case clearly – on the other hand you can also see the edges and the case tends to trap dust so you get to see that on the edges too.

The standard case also has an annoying cover over the charge point – would be good for making the phone splash-proof but they didn’t also cover the microphone input so a tad pointless.

I’ve been looking around for an alternative back and this Bakeey unit looks the part. Don’t ask why but it has “XUNOO” engraved on the side. So, OFF with the original (standard) clear-ish plastic back cover and ON with the new.

As my photos only tell half the story – do take a look at the Banggood link at the top of this entry – even if you don’t want one right now, they did a good job on the photography (but I don’t think they got around to giving the actual case a model name).

Finally, an at least half decent (webcam, obviously) shot of the cover on my phone…

Bakeey case for Xiaomi Poco X3 - image by Peter Scargill

Does it make the Poco X3 look a little thicker? Yes. Will I put up with that for the added protection and perfectly clear back exposing my phone colour in all it’s beauty? Yes. The case absolutely shows off the back of my phone to it’s best.


2 thoughts on “Bakeey POCO X3 NFC Case

  1. I’ve been using this phone since it was released and very pleased with it. However I’ve no real experience on phone photography and I know you have spoken in the past about preferred photography apps and was wondering what you currently recommend or have you stayed with the stock app on this phone.

    1. Hi Steve

      I use the standard X3 camera app but also installed (but only rarely use) the Google Google GCAM port released by

      The MAIN extra tool I use extensively with my photos on the X3 – just as I did on the F1 (and on previous phones) – is the free Snapseed, which I could have sworn was a Microsoft development but apparently it came from Google themselves.

      I use it for everything from simple cropping and rotating through to ambience and saturation correction for those photos which, no matter how accurate, are just plain boring due to lighting conditions.

      Someone in the Google Play Store comment section for Snapseed, pointed out that it doesn’t do photo blending and picture-in-picture – strangely I just found another couple of apps this week which do just that. Sadly Photo Blender in particular is littered with ads which include sound. Snapseed on the other hand just works and I think of it as absolutely essential.

      I do of course have PC tools for managing photos but find myself using Snapseed on the phone, more and more, then simply using “Your Phone” to wirelessly transfer photos to the PC for the blog and other destinations – often via Powerpoint to join together several images side by side and possibly add text over the lot.

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