Hantek 2-in-1 Scope + Meter

Let me introduce the Hantek 2C42 handheld 40Mhz bandwidth 2-in-1 oscilloscope and multimeter – my latest acquisition, ideal for lugging around and complete with decent carry-case.

Hantek 2C42 Scope from Banggood

As some of you know, I spend my year travelling between Spain and the UK, sometimes by plane, sometimes by car. Dragging a fully fledged oscilloscope back and forth using the first mode of transport above isn’t ideal – hence a small scope is ideal. Combining that with a decent meter is even better. For the boat ride I share the car with my wife and 3 cats, so space is still at a premium.

There are four variations in this range: 2C42/2C72/2D42/2D72
‘C’ means 2 channel scope and DMM.
‘D’ means 2 channel scope, DMM and AWG.
‘4’ means 40MHz.
‘7’ means 70Mhz.

I got the basic model Oscilloscope + DMM, 40Mhz model – you may be interested in this or another model. Hantek claim that the display can be seen even in bright sunlight. Here in the Northeast of England it might be a while  before I can test that feature.

Hantek 2C42 Scope from Banggood

My unit has an AWG button common to all models in the range but the model I have has no waveform generator.

This scope is not going to compete with my desktop Owon scope but is certainly handy for travel. Clearly this leaves the little “Nano” scopes wanting, convenient though the Aarontek model I recently looked at is. There is of course a size and price difference.

Display resolution is 320×240, display size is 3 x 4.9 inches, maximum real-time sampling is 250M samples/sec.

Apparently, Hantek is a non-profit group – I didn’t know that and I will be looking at other products in their range in the future.

More info: Record length is max 6K for a single channel, 3K for dual-channel. Resolution is 8-bits.

Rather than go into great detail here about the specs including the multimeter specs, I refer you back to the Banggood site lower down. Bear in mind when looking at the Banggood link that this model is 2-in-1, not 3-in-1

As you may note in the photo you get a complete set of meter leads but only 1 scope lead. Thankfully I have others. You also get a type C USB charging lead and miniature USB supply which apparently charges at up to 2 amps. The unit normally runs on it’s internal rechargeable 18650 Lithium batteries. The claim is that you will get a full day’s working and over 8 weeks standby on a full charge.

Manual, software for PC, firmware and more available from the Hantek site. At this early stage I’ve loaded the software on my Windows 10 PC but the driver is not seeing the scope. So the unit runs fine stand alone but I’ve yet to verify PC operation. Right now as the USB and SD connectors are not fitted on my unit, it is looking like this model does not support PC operation. I’ll seek clarification.

Here are links:

Hantek 3in1 Digital Oscilloscope+Waveform Generator+Multimeter — https://goo.gl/FRR1EC 
More Oscilloscopes — https://goo.gl/nXYzax 
EU Warehouse — https://goo.gl/QceUQM


17 thoughts on “Hantek 2-in-1 Scope + Meter

  1. The HANTEK2c42 model which I purchased recently did not come with user manual and I could not download from website.

    Please advise.

  2. I just confirmed that USB-C data works on the 2C42. I haven’t found a USB-C to USB-C cable that works with the recessed port, but was able to use the included cable and an adapter to connect to my Macbook.

  3. I’m still researching a handheld scope for automotive work. I often use a 20 second recorder scope at 10khz to locate a fault. Have you any idea how much time I could record a pattern at 10khz and what is the ability to scroll through the recorded pattern and zoom in to any area please? Also open to suggestions for a more suitable scope for automotive work – dual channel for scoping cam and crank sensors at the same time please.

  4. doesn’t say anywhere on their company profile that Hantek is a non-profit .. I think what you are referring to is some sort of mis-translation in the oscilloscope blurb. I’ve just received my 2D42 a couple of hours ago, seems like a nice device .. thanks for the link to their website as mine came without a manual and I was trying to find out how to use it in more detail. The manual itself hasn’t helped very much but the device is fairly easy to use anyway. Thanks!

  5. Sadly, there is no X-Y mode on this device.
    For those having the waveform generator, this would be a must, to trace current/voltage characteristics of components…

  6. Hey Pete, this scope does actually have a PC feature, you can find it on their forum/website. It’s also in the shop description

    1. But am I not right in saying there are 4 variations of this device. On the side is a marking for USB connector but that is blanked off and not fitted on mine. The USB C connector seems only to be used for charging as, when charging from my PC, the PC is seeing nothing connected. I have of course run the PC software but nothing happens. Not a deal breaker as I was expecting to use it stand-alone. Would have been a nice extra though.

    2. “A small volume of the non-profit grip by a single hand; The suspendingstand was designed to support multi-angle adjustment;”
      I think the misunderstanding about being a non-profit group is most likely caused by a bad Chinglish translation of one of the features.

  7. Extra Christmas bonus from Banggood, built-in precognition mode (AKA “WTF” – Waveform Theorizing Function). It’ll show you what the waveform -will- look like when you eventually get around to putting batteries into the test unit (scroll down the ad to the photo just above the bold, “3-in-1” text).

    I’ll take two! 🙂

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