Acrylic RPI Case + Twin Fans

This recently turned up for me from Banggood.. a great new case for the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, complete with coated copper heatsink and DUAL fans. Something new every day!!

Case and dual heatsink for RPI3 Model B

The dual heatsink is great if a little bit of a tight fit, I like the case and already it has the job, it is now protecting my main Pi3. The fan connector plugs straight into the PI.

In case you were wondering, the Perspex IS clear, in the top photos I’d not yet removed the thin protective covering. I did eventually but not without some wear and tear on my fingernails.

Case and dual heatsink for RPI3 Model B

And here it is, done, dusted, complete with my PI3B and a handy 128 x 32 OLED display, running my home control and Pi-Hole, PIVPN along with Node-Red and so much more. The fans are very quiet in operation. I like it.

Acrylic Case + Dual Fan + Copper Heatsink for RPI3 Model B

Here’s the link:
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4 thoughts on “Acrylic RPI Case + Twin Fans

  1. I’ve similar case, single fan, though… You should remove the protective layer on the acrylic, they’re transparent 😉
    I put an oled display in the case itself, too, fits perfectly as you can see

    1. You’re right, the 32 px OLED DOES seem to fit in which case it is going in. I already have Python drivers in there so Node-Red etc can run the display. Magic.

      1. I had to bend the oled pins a bit to avoid touching underlying components, and put a bit of insulating sponge to push display towards the upper acrylic and let it stay fixed… The acrylic case inner layers are enough to keep it in the right position

        1. I just moved my main PI3 home controller complete with tonight’s updates and 128×32 OLED into the new case. It’s lovely.

          A set of rubber feet will completely eliminate any fan noise without having to reduce voltage.

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