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For those following the home control project including the ROMS for ESP8266, I’ve made several changes in the last few days including a new uptime command {uptime?} returning a string of the time since last reset/power-cycle. Also added that to the debug output – also fixed a couple of minor RGB issues. Source code now works with very latest SDK from Espressif http://bbs.espressif.com/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=2376

If none of this means anything to you see:





6 thoughts on “Home Control Updates

    1. At a low cost per LED and fairly easy to put on the board (with a fine iron – as they do NOT like heat) the little serial RGB LEDs are a winner – you can clearly control not only the colour but the brilliance so it is easy to bring important items to the fore (bright GREEN flash for OTA succeed, bright RED flash for OTA failure, dim green brief flicker for general operation etc. Still working on the ultimate colours but already, setting these up is way more satisfying than before and I’ve added a command in the software to arrange a flash in ANY colour.

  1. Just uploaded v 1.4.7 into ElectroDragon with GPIO16 true and status light now always flashing at 5/sec – switched back to 1.4.6 and status light working as before, with 3 stage status. Unit all working, so only cosmetic.
    Thanks for earlier response on trigger and {ver?} query.

    1. Hi

      As the software is generic- I’m focusing on a very effective use of a serial RGB light for the status on Pin 13 for future boards – might take a while to catch up with the normal LED alternative.


  2. Please grab the software again there were some errors in the code this morning.. ok, so trigger2 and 14 are the number of milliseconds one of those inputs have to change before generating an automatic mqtt message!!! If you subscribe to # and toggle.
    MQTT command {ver?} works.

  3. Thanks for continuing to provide upgrades to your software, this morning I installed v1.4.6 and noticed in mqtt-spy a couple of new mqtt commands “trigger2 & trigger14”.
    I could not see any reference to them in the docs, but were mentioned in the commits, so assume this is still to be added ( an observation, not a complaint !).
    Would it also be possible to add an mqtt command to confirm firmware version installed , useful before/after an otaupdate.

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