Rechargeable Desk Cooling Fan with Light

To give this lovely fan its proper title…  Wireless 3000mAh 2 In 1 Mini Cooling Fan 

Or: I love it: “Little Sunny Baldness Fan”.
Little Sunny Baldness Fan

And here’s the fan itself… Smashing job, 3 speeds and a white light inside. Lowest speed almost silent, overall quiet and it has no visible blades, just like an obscenely expensive Dyson.

3 Speed USB Fan with Light - RechargeableThe device is rechargeable and comes complete with USB lead and I’ve been running it for days on and off, complete with light, without the lead, after fully charging initially.

My office tends to get stuffy especially when the soldering iron has been on – and this is just the ticket for freshening up the place. The unit is white. Note the two buttons, one to turn the light on and off, the other to control the 3-speed fan.

The ability to run it on my desk without more wires is useful and so – another worthwhile gadget.

System alert: Over the next week or two it may look like I’m on gadget overload,  in reality, I’ve just returned from Spain to a backlog of post and stuff not working, not to mention flooding, so I’m doing my best to catch up, alongside replacing “everlasting” LED lighting around the house, weed-killing, fixing dehumidifiers, entertaining and all the other things you do after 6 months AWOL. I have some really exciting gadget info to share, bear with me.


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