The 2300mW Laser for EleksLaser

This is definitely looking like a good day… here’s the second item in today’s post, the long-awaited laser for my EleksMaker Laser Engraver….

EleksMaker Laser

EleksMaker Laser

See updates to original EleksMaker engraver blog entry for more. I am SO excited that this blue laser has turned up complete with upgraded 2.5A power supply and connector – and after focussing (manual) works a treat. I have it set on low power right now until I get to be good at this.
® EleksLaser-A3 Pro Laser Engraving Machine —
LA03-500 405nm 500mW Blue Laser Module With Heat Sink —\
2300mW Blue Laser Module  —
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16 thoughts on “The 2300mW Laser for EleksLaser

  1. Hello Pete, I’m enjoying following your site. Can I recommend to anyone with an Eleksmaker Laser Cutter, to build and install an air assist to blow smoke from the laser beam to improve cutting:

    adding a 10K pull-down between GND and S-pin to prevent the laser coming on when it feels like it, problem (have they solved this now?):,2991.0.html?PHPSESSID=kchs8kt3mm7g53n0a0868l6sj1

    and Marco’s entertaining video of upgrades:

    I’ve been using LaserWeb4 on a Pi over a web browser and yes, it works but is too slow.

    1. I have no problem with laser coming on arbitrarily but yes some kind of smoke clearance is needed as are microswutch left and back stops for repeatability.

  2. Make sure you use the right goggles. Seen videos on 1 mw lasers, which were first used. Not pretty.

  3. I’d love to find something that can engrave metal. Not to cut it, but only so I could engrave a serial number onto stainless steel parts. Wonder what power laser you would need to achieve that?

  4. Based on the title, I was expecting a bit bigger box, but it appears to be a 2300 mWatt laser 😉
    Those strong lasers frighten me a bit. An eye accident can happen in a fraction of a second.

    1. You can also get run over by a bus in a second. Always use safety goggles and a little common sense, I’ve been using lasers (not for engraving) for years. Don’t be tempted to take a sneak peak without the right colour goggles.

      1. That’s true, but for a bus there are other senses warning me, which gives me some chance to respond.
        I’m already past 40, so my reflexes are probably not fast enough anymore to respond to a laser beam approaching me 🙂
        That’s what makes it a bit frightening.

        1. If it helps give you confidence, I’m 64 and just had a stroke. Not burned myself (yet).

          1. Reminds me of a Derek “Blaster” Bates after-dinner speech…
            He’d had a telling-off for using a steel screwdriver to make holes in gelignite for detonators, instead of using the ‘approved tool’ which was just a pointy piece of copper wire.
            “I don’t mind being blown up, but I’m b*ggered if I’m going around with a hole in me hand”

  5. I like the title best – You have the next Star Wars weapon there!
    Hope Your recovery is going well

  6. I wonder if that’s 2,500mW or 2,500 Chinese milliwatts (CmW)…? Whichever it is, I’m sure it’s beefier than what you were originally going with so hopefully should do the trick.

    Interesting project which I’m following with interest. Good luck, Pete – keep up the good work!

    p.s. some of the links above have become broken by a linefeed or something …

    1. Well, it LOOKS powerful, I have several toy lasers and also a green 3w laser which is Far from a toy. Although not easy to compare blue and green, this looks to be up there with my green laser. It also makes a smell when firing at cardboard 🙂

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