The Worlds first $9 Computer

Oh yes, I like this.. By the look of it not available until next year – a tiny board with the power perhaps of something like a Raspberry Pi but tiny and lower cost (well, that’s IF the postage doesn’t kill it).  I’ll be keeping an eye on this one.. WIFI + Bluetooth  – that actually in SOME respects gives it a big edge over any alternatives in the low-price end. 512MB RAM, 4GIG Flash – I’m getting quite excited already.


7 thoughts on “The Worlds first $9 Computer

  1. I was hoping to replace my ageing OpenRD arm system with a raspberrypi but the poor usb performance of the latter made me look for an alternative. I now own a leemaker Banana Pro system which has a Sata interface as well as some USB ports and wifi built in. i was looking at the cubieboard which uses the same allwinner soc. i’m using the can port for some J1939 diagnostics too with a 7 inch lcd display. Anyone looking for fast graphics should probably look elsewhere but i’m very happy with it so far – it cost around £37 delivered. Hth David.

    1. I bought the original raspberry Pi, installed the operating system and immediately sold it as it was just SO SLOW. I’m not finding that with the Pi2 at all – it’s LOVELY.

    2. David,

      The Banana series has looked really attractive for a while now. SATA, Gigabit ethernet and dual-core at that price make it hard to beat on a performance-for-pennies basis. But what OS are you running on it? I’d like to go with something more “server” oriented (I don’t need or want a graphical console), preferably one of the BSDs, but I keep on seeing maturity issues coming up on the mailing lists (OS issues, not hardware).
      So, what are you running? Any issues?


      [Currently running FreeBSD 10.1 r274401 on a RPi-B, but need more horsepower!]

      1. Gretings John, I’m using one of the Debian based distributions with a custom kernel which has a can driver available, it is usually a headless system though i use ssh and sometimes Xming from a pc to configure it – I think it is banarian but i can’t check atm as I’m not at home. Kind regards, David.

  2. But with a $20 shipping cost on top to the UK making it $29.
    I went for the Omega-Onion.

    1. +1 Went to Omega-Onion…USD 25,00 shipping to Brazil makes it USD 34,00 here ;(

    2. Well that’s always the problem for we Brits – thats’ why I didn’t go for American radio units before I went down the WIFI route- cheaper from China and no shipping. It really is about time the respective governments got their act together and made trading between the USA and UK a lot easier especially for small stuff like this – no wonder China is doing well.

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