UGREEN T3 HiTune Earbuds

UGREEN T3 UGREEN T3 noise-cancelling Buds

Regular readers will recall I wrote about Ugreen X6 Hybrid Earbuds a while ago. Ok, so you have the link to the original article – you may recall me raving about them – then nothing. That’s because I just wear them every day – they simply work, sound good, charge lasts for ages. I could not think of anything more original to say about them.

I’ll take this opportunity to tell you that prior to receiving the X6 buds I had never heard of the company – still not a name that springs to mind when I’m looking at earbuds – but here we have their latest buds. – the UGREEN T3 HiTune earbuds.

If the last ones are anything to go by – I expect to be impressed.

Got my Poco X4 Pro phone in front of me and I’m about to open the well made but design-wise pretty average box for the buds (that box is white incidentally – lighting is all over the place in that first photo).

UGREEN T3 UGREEN T3 noise-cancelling Buds

Up to now they look a bit like the last model – Oh, no, not quite – instead of short, rounded legs, they now have much longer, straight legs. Time to open them up. The full title for the sake of it is “Active Noise-Cancelling Wireless Earbuds” – and it goes without saying (but I will) that they are Bluetooth 5.2 and USB-C charging for the case which has it’s own pi-Po battery.

Charging is supposedly 1.5 hours and charging the case takes 2 hours. Bud operating time is claimed as 7 hours of music on a single charge. Not much use on a 15 hour flight but then you can charge them in the case for a total of 24 hours operation. That’ll do.

(I don’t do 7-hour flights any more unless absolutely necessary).

UGREEN T3 UGREEN T3 noise-cancelling Buds

Voice says “pairing” – phone shows “pairing” – doesn’t get any easier. Right, they are in my ears – I need to find some music. YouTube – “Interstellar” – Hans Zimmer – Royal Albert Hall – the scene where he brings the drone down onto the field and his daughter points out that it isn’t doing any harm and he should let it go – emotional – classic – there’s a start… and for desert – as usual Alicia Keys – Spiderman…

That finished and Youtube picked Interstellar OST – a scene where they are approaching the most realistic movie depiction of a black hole accretion disk to date – utterly mind-blowing – I’m assuming the music is Hans Zimmer? Whatever, it is utterly appropriate. What a time to be alive….

If the buds had shown the slightest issue here I’d have been up in arms… just like the previous model – no delays, no hassle…

UGREEN T3 noise-cancelling Buds

To my ears both sets of buds are a tad heavy in the mid-range – but then that’s almost definitely down to my ears. A quick application of the “Equaliser” app on Android and the sound is wonderful.

The buds came completely charged and what can I say – they work and are comfortable – you get 3 spare sets of inserts but I simply used the buds out of the box.

Right now do I prefer the sound of the X6 or the new T3 HiTunes? Not entirely sure but I am sure that one or the other have displaced just about every other set of buds I’ve owned recently (quite a few).

Oh, hang on – the new T3s definitely FEEL better in the ear but that’s nothing to so with the sound. I think given the same conditions, the BASS is a little better on the X6.

So, noise cancellation, voice assistant, music control, call features…

That’s a worry “stop using immediately if earbuds are swollen”…BANG….. ok, I guess they have to put these notices on the box…


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