New ESP Boards

Are these new? Reader Christian brought these to my attention this evening – price is ok – and if size is at a premium…. Small footprint,  USB-to-TTL is on the underside. This is quite interesting when space is an issue. Supplier also has a DHT11 shield: Next is a…

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Javascript woes

Someone put me out of my misery… why doesn’t this work…   var x=[];x[0]=255;x[1]=255;x[2]=0;var t=x[0].toString(16)+x[1].toString(16)+x[2].toString(16);alert(t);$(‘div’).attr(‘style’, ‘background:#’+t+’ !important’); I’m changing the colour of some panels…   THIS works.. $(‘div’).attr(‘style’, ‘background:#ffff00 !important’); but THIS doesn’t $(‘div’).attr(‘style’, ‘background:#’+t+’ !important’); even though t=’ffff00’

Driving me NUTS

This has been driving me mad and I’ve only just found the answer – thanks to some clues people have given me – but as many of the responses were wrong – you might well find this interesting. I have a an array of 180 bytes – for 60 serial…

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