Just a little sidetrack while I wait for some stuff to arrive in the post to test my Pi Zero…. I’m using BLYNK (with issues) for controlling my heating – but as you may know, switching between 2 installations of Blynk is a pain involving logging out and back in. So this morning I thought I’d take a look at EMONCMS purely from a monitoring perspective.  It’s all free – you simply get an account – and in my case grab the EMONCMS NODE for Node-Red and start firing data at it.

So, this morning I know nothing – here’s my current dashboard.


As you can see monitoring 3 separate locations (my litttle ESP-12 boards – incidentally the Hollyberry one is now running on Espressif SDK 1.5 no problem) – and on the bottom right is a nice voltmeter checking my Pergola battery voltage.

Essentially given the address of the EMONCMS server (which can be theirs or you can have your own on a Raspberry Pi) and an API key, you just fire things like “is_temp:18” at the server and the values end up in a FEED which you then attach to one of the widgets – all very simple once you get into it.

Now – does anyone know of better/more flexible free IOT dashboards…


12 thoughts on “EMONCMS

    1. Hi Glenn…

      So I got in touch with the developer – Edmind Fung – had a nice chat about where he’s at with the project and where he’d like to take it – right now this is a hobby project but I think he has great plans and I would, following your timely link, urge people to go in there, have a look and get in touch with him with ideas to help shape where he takes this.


    1. Can it be used just as a dashboard. I am MORE than happy with Node-Red and would not want to restrict myself with a dedicated control system – but adding EmonCMS, Grovestreams etc is proving useful.

  1. I’ve been using emoncms for some time too – have it installed on my Pi (with a usb hdd to avoid sd card wear). I’m also looking at Dashing.io and home-assistant.io.

    Thanks to MQTT all can run at once!.

  2. LOL

    I knew you’d get there in the end….

    Mind, since I suggested this many months ago I’ve had some interesting times moving to a new pi and last night wrestling with getting things running on Jessie.

    But as you’ve noticed it’s a great system.


    1. Now if they’d just add some control inputs… and I have to say the LED display is a bit naff 🙂

      1. True, but any improvements would I’m sure be gratefully received. And being an open source organisation it depends on the community as well as the founders to get things the way they want it.

        The latest version of emoncms was really developed by one of the community members and emonhub which does the marshalling of data likewise.

        So it would be great if you wanted to roll your own led and add some control inputs. Personally I’m still having pi2 network issues, so I’m going to stick with my esp controller for managing the control side of things and send states and data over to MQTT and emoncms on the pi rather than vice versa.

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