Tiny Remote for the New Hohem iSteady M6 AI Gimbal

Hohem Remote

The plan was to simply to produce a really tiny video to show you the new remote control (for the M6 gimbal) which arrived in the post yesterday from Hohem. That expanded out to this explanation, photos and a link back to my Hohem M6 entry as well as a short video at the end. Hope you like it.

The package arrived yesterday in a large box, I’d have no idea what it was were it not for the blantant Hohem branding.

Hohem packaging

To call this well-packed would be an understatement. You can see that inside the box was a tiny plastic enclosure with an even tinier remote control. Note that there are two remote control types available from Hohem – check on the site – this one is specifically for the M6.

Hohem M6  BT remote

And it’s a lovely little BT remote control device, too…

Hohem M6  BT remote

Close-up shot with my large-ish male hand for comparison. Easy setup – on the TOP of the CR2032-powered remote unit is an on-off slider – turn it on.

Go to the MODE button on the iSteady M6 phone gimbal and press the MODE button 7 times in a row. The M6 display will say PAIRING. Hit a button on the remote and BT pairing is complete. That’s IT.

Ever since discovering the AI clone-tracking mode on the gimbal I’ve been playing with clone selfies and it’s a pain in the butt having to go over to the tripod-mounted M6 to start each recording.

Armed with the remote in my pocket, I’ll be ready for the next shot in a second instead of several. For that alone it’s worth having, but I’m sure M6 users will all have many different uses for such a remote – one being reducing wear and tear on the actual gimbal controls (remember when we had to get off our seats and change TV channels on the actual SET? – seems like the dark ages).

Hohem M6 MODE button in black

The MODE button is that BLACK button above the (bronze?) zoom control on the lower right below the M6 display.

I’m sure interested parties can follow this up on my recent Hohem M6 AI Gimbal article – if you’ve not seen it – highly recommended. I’ve had SO much fun with this new gimbal and expect to have even more now I have it’s remote control.

Already I can see this being useful for blogging while taking photos or videos of an item on the desk opposite where I’m typing.

You can see, on the image of the remote (above) what it can do.

Note – I received no documentation with the remote at all. It’s covered in the main M6 manual. As I was holding the left pan button, the M6 was smoothly panning over to the left as you’d expect.

Ok, so I took the rig outside along with my tiny Lavalier USB-C wireless microphone setup, all ready to make a fool of myself – but it already looked like if I want to alter the zoom using the remote, I was going to have to resort to the web. In fact I emailed Hohem tech support and in the early hours of this morning got my response. Hold down the remote’s M button for 4-5 seconds to toggle between pan/tilt and zoom control. Easy.

Above left is my rig complete with the M6 gimbal, my S22 Ultra with USB-C add-on for my wireless Lavalier microphone (covered elsewhere in here), a cheap €16 AliExpress RGB/white fill light (right of the above image) for times when the Hohem RGB+White fill light isn’t quite enough. None of the extras cost much but could be life-savers.

And finally, the short video I made yesterday:


4 thoughts on “Tiny Remote for the New Hohem iSteady M6 AI Gimbal

  1. Can we connect other devices, like a gamepad (xbox controller for example), to get a smooth remote analog movement?

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